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  • Client Dilemma Analysis

    The Crescent City Kings had no logo for brand identification. Without a logo the Kings were unidentifiable, uniforms could not be designed or purchased. No logo and no web presence prevented the new team from reaching potential sponsors, which severely hampered marketing efforts. As a startup franchise the team needed a cost effective solution. Without competent people in house, the Kings needed a trustworthy firm to realize team goals, as an alternative to finding multiple different sources.

    The league offered the services of several vendors to accomplish team goals. Most vendors were service specific and could only assist with individual issues. The Kings entertained north of ten offers and bids for graphic design, website management and social media marketing. The Thin Pencil provided the best alternative by bundling services into one package. 

  • Identity & Branding

  • The Thin Pencil Plan

    The Thin Pencil was able to provide both a business and team logo by manipulating the initial logo design concept. After completing the logo design, the Kings were able to complete the uniform design process and the Thin Pencil moved the Crescent City Kings into the digital world creating CrescentCityKings.com. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter accounts were added during the initial rollout of the Crescent City Kings marketing strategy. After the initial rollout, the Kings Youtube channel was created. The Kings saw tremendous benefit from the visibility, accessibility, and digital presence created by the Thin Pencil.

  • Results

    • Website traffic has risen by 30% annually
    • Organic Facebook reach increased by 150% in first 18 months
    • Organic search impression increased 200% in first 12 months 
    • Website is the primary source for sponsor lead generator
    • More than 200 athletes have signed up using CCK.com
    • Team won award for best league website