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  • Client Dilemma Analysis

    The Urban Rangers, non-profit organization, needed a way to communicate upcoming events and progress with their sponsors and volunteers. The board members sought a way to effectively reach friends of the cause through social media and email marketing. Web based marketing strategy is pivotal to the success of organizational events and volunteer support.


    Needing a revamped marketing approach, the Thin Pencil, volunteered a team of experts to assist in creating memorable and thought provoking informational material. The Thin Pencil marketing team provided the Urban Rangers with email marketing assistance, website, and social media management services while crafting quality informational material for distribution.

  • Marketing Revitalization

    The Thin Pencil team incorporated quality graphics and images in the marketing strategy of the Urban Rangers. The Thin Pencil revamped the monthly newsletter design, remodeled the email marketing and began managing social media and website operations. 

  • The Thin Pencil Plan

  • Results:

    • Increased Monthly Newsletter Open Rate by 8%
    • Exceeded Industry Average Click-Through rate by 5%
    • Lowered the Bounce Rate by 24%
    • Rangers received In-kind donations due to Newsletter Campaign