• Small Business Marketing Strategy

    Small Business Marketing Consultant

    We know that as a small business owner you have a lot to deal with. It seems that the work is never ending. We will act as a virtual marketing agency to relieve you of the burden of marketing.

    We will collaborate with you to make sure that our marketing efforts have the desired outcome. We will do email newsletter templates and social media posts. The Thin Pencil takes the guesswork out of marketing so you will never be at a loss of what you are supposed to be doing next. We will track your results so that you will be able to see the returns on your own individualized marketing plan.

  • Discovery

    We learn about your goals, your business, your audience, and we research the competition

  • Define

     We collaborate with you to define your needs and develop a strategy that works for your small business. to reach your goals.

  • Development

    The concepts are brought to life through creative design and functional development.  From email newsletter templates to scheduling social media posts, the Thin Pencil takes the guesswork out of marketing so you’ll never wonder what you should do next.

  • Measure

    We work with you to track and measure results to ensure we are reaching your goals