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  • Client Dilemma Analysis

    The Jackson County Bar Association (JCBA) was in need of a complete overhaul of an old and outdated marketing strategy lacking a social media presence. The association desired a modern website reflecting its growth and direction. A major sticking point was having a responsive website design to make information readily available to members across all platforms. The JCBA's #1 fundraiser is their scholarship banquet, board members had traditionally sold tickets by word of mouth and face to face. JCBA donations were collected hand to hand and membership could only be obtained by an association meeting.


    To keep pace with the light speed of modern day society the board members sought bids to increase JCBA membership and scholarship donations.


  • Identity & Branding

    • Non-Responsive Design
    • No Social Media Integration
    • No Online Membership Registry
    • Dated Logo Design
    • Responsive Design
    • Social Media Integrated
    • Online Membership Application
    • Modernized Logo Design
  • The Thin Pencil Plan

    To aid in the growth and development of the JCBA, the Thin Pencil, streamlined some JCBA processes through online integration. On their new web base, the JCBA, can now accept scholarship donations, accept membership payments and applications, and communicate with all JCBA members using the members only area of the site.

  • Results

    • Online Membership Application
    • Members Only Area Created
    • Online Donations Accepted
    • Scholarship Banquet Tickets Available Online 
    • Registration for Events
    • Corporate Sponsor Visibility