• Premiere Web Design and Marketing Strategy Company


    The Thin Pencil has two locations in Kansas City and New Orleans. We are a premier web design and SEO company. Anything that you may need in regards to marketing we can tailor to fit you. We relieve the burden of branding for your business. We will handle all aspects of that such as development, representation, and management. Our main office is based in Kansas City, but we serve clients from all over the United States. You can consolidate your marketing budget and save both time and by hiring Thin Pencil to develop a full marketing strategy for your business.We can also provide you with a unique site design, if needed. We aim to develop all aspects of your business to your utmost satisfaction. This leaves you to focus on the actual business operations.


  • Our Approach

    Every small business is unique and different. So in order to create effective marketing strategies for any client, our approach involves these six important steps:

  • Listen

    We would love to hear from you.  We strive to understand what your current marketing methods are, what kind of results they are producing and what your short and long-term goals are to grow your business.

  • Analyze

    We will conduct intensive research on your target market and current marketing strategies. We also conduct intensive research on your competition so that you can always make sure you are five steps ahead.

  • Plan

    In our planning sessions, we will take the results that we have gathered and create a comprehensive marketing plan tailored just for you. We conduct ongoing inquiries into your target market and make strategic adjustments as necessary.

  • Create

    After meeting with you to refine our plans, we begin to create. Our team takes the initial concepts and strategies and turns them into polished results. Everything that we do during this step is done with a clear understanding of your goals and with your target market in mind. After your final approval, the strategy goes live, and that’s when the real fun begins.

  • Measure

    In order for any marketing strategy to truly be effective, it must be measurable. And that’s the beauty of digital marketing—it can be measured and analyzed like few marketing methods can be. Once the marketing strategy or design has been implemented, we will monitor things closely to ensure that each initiative is having success and recommend adjustments as needed.

  • Team Work

    We love helping small businesses and we love our clients. We never view any project as “just a project” but as the beginning of a long and supportive relationship. We will always be here for you to answer any questions, to share our advice, to tweak things as needed, and to help your business grow. Because in the end, we want to become not only your digital marketing agency, but also your friend and partner in your business’ success.

  • We understand that our clients always come first. At the Thin Pencil, we believe that you are not just a client but rather as a member of our company. We include you on all aspects of your marketing plan. You can be sure that you will feel included and that your opinions are valued.