• 11 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Website

  • 1. Giving Potential Customers An Easier Way To Learn More About You
    Everyday you meet new people and attract potential customers, but how can they get more information about you when the conversation is over? Calling to follow up is quickly becoming a thing of the past and is certainly more work than most new contacts are willing to do. Visiting your website will help that new prospect learn more about you, easily, on their terms. And that may help you convert more leads into sales.

    2. Making Updates Is Easier And Cheaper Than Printed Materials
    Instead of updating text, redesigning a marketing piece, fitting copy into a new layout, printing new materials, and distributing everything all you have to do is rewrite your copy and integrate it into your website. Change is good, and with a website on your side it’s now easier than ever.

    With the addition of our Content Management System (CMS) you can update your own website with ease.

    3. Making Your Company Look Professional and Established, While Extending Your Brand
    A website will help your small business make a full and positive first impression. Instead of disappointing new prospects who can’t seem to find more information about you, you’ll have happy potential customers who can easily get their questions answered. If they get those answers from an attractive, well-written, easy-to-use website, they are more likely to form a good opinion of your company. That good opinion can go a long way toward making a new prospect feel comfortable with your brand, which improves your chances of making a sale.

    4. Helping You Find and Connect With New Clients
    Creating a website can extend your marketing reach beyond your town. If you have a product or service that you can deliver online or by mail, you can open up new territories that would otherwise be overlooked. Just think of all the new clients who could become available to you!

    5. Enabling You To Hit The Business Goal You’re Reaching For
    For example, your website can help you sell products and services with an online shopping cart, grow your contact list through a newsletter sign-up, or educate potential clients through an articles section. There are many other things that a website can do for you, let us know your specific business goals and we’ll help create a website that will get you there.

    6. You Stop Being Invisible
    By creating a website you stop being invisible to the people trying to find you online. More and more studies are telling us about the ROBO effect where customers are learning to research online before buying offline. They’re typing their problems or needs into Google and are researching the companies that appear for those queries. If you don’t have a web presence, there’s no chance of you showing up and you never even enter into their thought process. In 2015, you can’t afford to be invisible.

    7. You Build An Email List
    Even if you hate the web, you probably still use email. You may even collect emails from your customers by hand so that you can keep them up to date on what’s happening with the business. Having a website allows you to do all of that better because it makes it easier, faster, and provides even more incentive for someone to sign up. Create a site that users can trust and then use it to build your email list. Along with your website, that list just may end up being one of your strongest sales tools.

    8. Be Available 24/7
    Do customers have the option of calling you outside your regular business hours? Probably not. A website is available 24/7 so even if your business isn’t open customers will be able to access your website and find out the information they require on your products and services. You should direct people to your website outside your office hours so that even when you aren’t available to talk to people your website can help you out.

    If you are a shop being able to stay open 24/7 could be a dream come true.

    9. A Website Can Showcase Your Products
    Photographs of all your products can be posted on your website, along with specific details and pricing if necessary. Potential customers can browse your virtual warehouse and have a look at the range of products you offer. This will give you an opportunity to impress visitors with your unique offerings.

    10. Great Word-of-Mouth Marketing
    Another great reason for a web site (that is often overlooked!) is that it’s easy for someone to share your website with a friend in an email, a phone conversation or a meeting where none of your brochures or business cards are available.

    11. Stay Ahead Of or Keep Up With Competition
    People use the internet to research everything from desserts to Ferraris to preschools. If your competitor has a web site listed in their print ad and you don’t, those online savvy people may check out your competitor’s offerings first which means you could lose out on potential sales.